Swiss Valley Oceny / Recenzje

Swiss Valley – oceny ośrodka i recenzje

Znasz ośrodek Swiss Valley – oceń go! Możesz przyznawać gwiazdki (od jednej do pięciu – im więcej tym lepiej) i oceniać w ten sposób jakość tras, snowpark, ofertę dla rodzin, życie nocne i ogólny stosunek jakości do ceny. Jeśli jeszcze w tym ośrodku nie byłeś, znajdziesz tu wcześniejsze oceny ośrodka Swiss Valley dostarczone przez innych użytkowników. Pomogą Ci one w wyborze najlepszej miejscówki na kolejny wypad na narty lub snowboard?

Swiss Valley – oceny ośrodka i recenzje

Ośrodki narciarskie | Polska, Europa, świat
Ogólna ocena ośrodka (liczba gwiazdek) nie odzwierciedla prostej średniej, pod uwagę branych jest wiele różnych czynników, w tym aktualność recenzji.
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Rodziny i dzieci
Apres Ski
Ocena ogólna

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Sue Wiseman
Nice area for learn to ski clean and friendly staff... Pełna opinia
Family friendly great place to...
Conditions are based on Midwes...
1 tydzień temu
Tony M.
The staff is friendly and works hard. They care for the old ski place, but it feels like the ownership doesn't. The equipment looks and feels old. The buildings are honestly in disrepair and ugly in the daylight. The lodge is straight out of the 70s and not very clean or attractive, the food is meh and the drinks are watered down. There is a tremendous amount of potential here, if the ownership would just step out of 1974. Zero summer activities, which is just a shame because this is the perfect place to have a summertime activities destination. Too bad.... Pełna opinia
Owner refuses to modernize
2 lata temu
Jim A
The Good: Very close to where I live, they have 2 for 1 deals on Saturday and lift plus rental deals on Sunday. Nice to go boarding/skiing after work for a few hours but not much beyond that. The ski shop has a good selection for such a small resort and the shop does good work. Lounge is nice and had good service better than some larger resorts. The Bad: This is not a destination resort it's small the runs are short and on weekend there are lots of beginners on the hill, and the lifts stop a lot, at the end of the night I've walked up the hill as it's faster waiting on the lift. The weather has not been kind to Swiss last few years.... Pełna opinia
Close t0 Indiana
Small short runs
4 lata temu
Closest place to get to from my location, north Central indiana. The place i learned to ski 20+ years ago, and then advance my snowboarding skills too. Been there dozens of times. However as a more advanced snowboarder with limited time each year to make it to a place to ride, very unlikely to go again , would rather drive 4 hours more for endless runs and 3+ times the run length. But still great memories at Swiss , and always good for the kids and learners!... Pełna opinia
Easy place to learn at
Not much to offer for advanced...
4 lata temu
Cody Scherer
Visited Swiss Valley for the first time this past weekend. Disappointed at best. Beautiful day, sunny around 30 so we were expecting a bit of a crowd, but surprisingly not bad. We found out why. The runs were icy and not well groomed. The lift stops after loading every other person, these people could not figure out a lift chair but could ski just fine. Crowd seemed to consist of predominantly stuck up skiers. Would not recommend for snowboarders. The restaurant staff was rude and demanding. Most runs would be considered beginner level if not lower. The only steep thing about Swiss Valley is the price, $40. The longest run is 240 feet. Save your money, go to Bittersweet or Timber Ridge for the same price. ... Pełna opinia
Great for kids and families
Small hills, Frequent lift sto...
6 lat temu
I have a special place in my heart for SV, as it's where I learned to ski as an adult. It is not especially challenging, but it's easy to get out on the hill, and small enough I can let my preteen ski on her own. It suffers from the Midwestern short runs long lines problem, but there's enough room and terrain to work on technique. Colorado, it is not, but it's close and friendly. No one is going to make you feel like a doofus when you fall down. They tend to open late, which is a bummer. ... Pełna opinia
Close, affordable and good for...
Small with limited terrain
6 lat temu
not bad for a small resort... Pełna opinia
nice staff. good people
too small and the park is terr...
7 lat temu
John Malone
Just a great ski resort! Love the lodge, staff... Great time!... Pełna opinia
8 lat temu
Really, this place is for beginners only. I would only recommend it for people who have not skied at all, or need to refresh or maybe those who just can't get out of the area. It's the worst place I've been to as far as facilities and terrain; and that's comparing to other poor places like raging buffalo, wilmot mountain, and Alpine Valley Wisconsin. ... Pełna opinia
Friendly. Fairly Cheap. Close ...
No vertical at all. Weird layo...
10 lat temu
We took our family to Sun family night ...it was one of the worst nights of skiing I have ever had. The snow, while great, managed to attract way too many people for the resort to handle properly. They didn't have the staff to handle the long lines, the fiasco of parking and unloading, and the lfts. Then, when our kids finally managed to score their rentals (my husband and I don't need to rent), our kids, being fairly new skiers were stuck to the main quad lift which was jammed with people and not managed properly. there was no single supplement lines to ease the flow of the heavy numbers of people.(they would let singles ride the quad) There were lots of teens skiing who would perpetually cut in line in front of those who managed to properly work their way to the back of the lift line and then the line would stop every couple of loads ...it was an exercise in practicing patience for the entire 4 hours. I suspect we only got about 8 runs in the entire night because of the poorly managed lift. The entire night, I never saw a ski patrol or a staff person who was directling people properly at the resort. They were understaffed and incapable of handling the crowd even tho they had the physical acreage to handle the numbers. It should've been an enjoyable evening of good conditions and good skiing but it turned terrible because of their poorly managed lifts and the lack of a second lift up to the lodge area.... Pełna opinia
easy runs for newbies
Horrible lift lines and poorly...
12 lat temu
Ośrodki narciarskie | Polska, Europa, świat

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